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MWC18: 5G is Now!
Presentation / Feb 2018 / MWC18, 5G

Discover InterDigital's role in 5G in this MWC18 presentation.

© 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5G is Now! 5G is Now: InterDigital’s role Standards• : ac%vely par%cipate and contribute to 5G wireless, network, and video standards Pla7orms• : build prototype pla9orms to demonstrate 5G capabili%es Partnerships• : collaborate with industry and academia to transform 5G research into realizable solu%ons 2 © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5G Use Cases Will Benefit Us All Consumers Like Me and You• Reliable coverage everywhere• Higher data rates• New and cool applica>ons• Services Providers and Manufacturers• Reduce opera>ng and capital expenses• Protect the business • Grow the business• Entrepreneurs and Visionaries• Create new businesses • Next “killer” applica>on• Access to new customers• 3 © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Enhanced Mobile Broadband 5G: Expand Cellular to More Devices, Such as Drones A drone revolu+on has begun that is enabling • new businesses Infrastructure Inspec+on• Precision Agriculture• Fire and Ambulance First Response• Package Delivery • And More… • 5G technology will enable safer use, untether • drones from exis+ng line-of-sight limita+ons and enable mass-market Command and Control via Ultra• -Reliable Low Latency Communica+on Collision Avoidance via Device• -to-Device Communica+on Mission Cri+cal Applica+ons Using Mobile Edge • Compute Resources 4 © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5G Standards Where You Will Find InterDigital 3GPP • – 5G New Radio (NR) RAN 1/2/3/4• SA/CT (Core Network Architecture and • Non-Access Stratum) IEEE 802.11ax, ay• Higher efficiency Wi• -Fi Higher data rates through • WiGig millimeter wave Video• Future video coding standards (“H.266”)• MPEG immersive standards suite: • coding, packaging, 360 degree, virtual reality, augmented reality, point cloud IETF, ETSI, ITU• 5 Machine Type and High Reliability 3GPP NR - mMTC & URLLC eMBB - Enhanced Mobile Broadband • URLLC – Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communica[ons • mMTC - Massive Machine Type Communica[ons Expected Deployment Enhanced Broadband 3GPP NR – eMBB and URLLC © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5G Pla'orms and Demonstra1ons at MWC 2018 5G Air Interface Millimeter wave integra.on with an LTE solu.on and 3GPP standards 6 5G Networks Flexible IP-based Services (FLIPS) that improve network efficiency by creating multi-cast opportunities 5G Testbeds Testbeds and field trials using our technology plaIorms with our industry and academic partners 5G Video Experience Enhancing the AR/VR experience with op.mized bandwidth and latency solu.ons © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5G Research Partnerships, Alliances, and Collabora7ons Testbeds and Trials• So/ware Alliances• 7 • Collaboration Projects • Sponsored Research • Joint Ventures • Academic Centers © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5G Project Engagements with Interna5onal Partnerships 8 © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Montreal, QC (R&D) Seoul Buffalo, NY Melville, NY (R&D) Conshohocken, PA (R&D) Wilmington, DE (HQ) San Diego, CA (R&D) Washington, DC USA CANADA SOUTH KOREA Berlin GERMANY GREAT BRITIAN London (R&D) Brussels BELGIUM