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MWC18: 5G Testbeds
Presentation / Feb 2018 / MWC18, 5G

View the slides from our demonstration of 5G Testbeds from MWC19!

© 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5G Testbeds 5G Testbeds: An Essential Next Step © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.2 • 5G Testbeds are essential to prove the many technologies that are new to cellular • Polar Codes • Millimeter Wave • Software-Defined Networking • Network Function Virtualization • AR/VR Video • InterDigital is there… ü Bristol is Open – Bristol, UK ü i2CAT - Barcelona, Spain ü - Tarragona, Spain ü Primetel, Cyprus ü 5TONIC – Madrid, Spain ü Melville, NY ü Brooklyn, NY ü Berlin, Germany 5G Testbeds bring community value © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.3 A Smart City Infrastructure Future Media Internet platform, deployed in urban-scale test beds 5G Testbeds: Our Partners An Open Research and Innovation Laboratory focusing on 5G technologies founded by Telefonica and IMDEA Networks based in Madrid Pure SW-based community networks with improved total cost of ownership and overall performance Seeding the FLIPS platform development through IPTV and location-based gaming trials © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.4 • SDN-based Multi-hop Mesh Network composed of Gigabit, Low-Latency Millimeter Wave Links • WiGig / 802.11ad baseband • 60GHz long range, high-gain antennas • Multi-tenant, multi-service level transport slice management • Mesh topology for fault tolerance and availability • EdgeLink Nodes: • Network Discovery and Neighbor Selection • OpenFlow-based, mmW MAC/PHY/RF • Mesh Controller Software: • SDN-based, manages the mesh topology to maintain Transport Slice Service Level requirements • O&M Software • Cloud-enabled, web- interface for remote operations and monitoring InterDigital’s Cloud-Based Software Platform OpenFlow Mesh Controller WiGig Baseband RF WiGig Baseband RF . . . Software Hardware INTERDIGITAL MESH LAYER SOFTWARE Antenna Unit Network Unit EdgeLink™ – mmW 5G Crosshaul Transport 3 EdgeLink mmW Nodes – across the HHI and Berlin Technical University campuses © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.5 Indoor Lab Deployment Outdoor Antenna Installation Views from the 5G Berlin Testbed 95 meters 185 meters 140 meters © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.6 ü Millimeter Wave Wireless Crosshaul Transport with fiber-like performance ü Fast-Forward - 70 GHz mmW, ultra-low latency ü EdgeLink - 60 GHz mmW, SDN-based wireless mesh with automated link recover InterDigital mmW Transport Platforms@ 5TONIC Fast-Forward Controller EdgeLink Mesh SDN Controller mmW Wireless Transport Remote Radio Unit (Next Gen Fronthaul – MAC/PHY) Remote Radio Unit (Next Gen Fronthaul – PDPC/RLC) LTE Small Cell (Backhaul) Control Plane Fast-Forward EdgeLink XCSE Transport 158' 25' 160' © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.7 ü Live mmW Edgelink 3x node mesh network ü Streaming real-time video from the roof Edgelink Live @ InterDigital Labs NY Office © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.8 EdgeLink Performance Monitor EdgeLink mmW Mesh Transport © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A solution to optimize service request routing on top of emerging L2 technologies, taking into account proliferation of NFV. Provides quantitative and qualitative benefits based on cost-efficient integration with proliferating SDN transport network. InterDigital FLIPS Edge IP Proposition IP FLIPS Border SR IP (BGP) ICNF IP L2 ICNPR ICNTP ICNF IP IP-only Server IP-only Sender & Receiver UE L2 ICNSR S1 S1 S2 ICNF ICN F IP SDN Controller IP NAP IP-only Sender & Receiver UE SDN Switch Surrogate Mgr Monitoring IP FLIPS SR FLIPS SR 9 PCE: Path Computation Entity SDN technology IDCC Edge IP blocks PCE SDN Switch SR: Service Router © 2018 IT Innovation, BIO, i2CAT and other members of the FLAME consortium • Validate platform capabilities by trials conducted by ecosystem partners • 5 operator infrastructures • 25+ customer trials • New media formats (AR, VR, 360°) and distribution channels • Engagement with media service providers, content providers, infrastructure operators and beyond • Trials will be conducted in 3 waves from Mar-18 to Dec-19 • Public funding available through H2020 FLAME project FLIPS - Validation through Urban Scale Trials & Experiments 10 FLAME enabled cabinet with edge computing capabilitiesC FLAME enabled lamp post Fibre network Orchestrator FLAME Cloud Infrastructure Experimentation Services Storage Network FLAME experimenter Compute C C © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 11 • Location-based game involving real end users • Deployed in June 2017 as closed trial • Deployed in August & September 2017 as open trial • User-contributed content, replicated to edge compute sites • Latency reductions to link-local playout compared to cloud- based playout FLIPS Trial @ Bristol Is Open BIO TRIAL 2017 UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL AT-BRISTOL WATERSHED ENGINE SHED