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Smart Access Manager
Video / Jan 2013 / SAM, Wi-Fi

InterDigital. Smart Access Manager: How it Works.

Context-aware power into off-load, segregate, aggregate traffic. (SAM) Smart Access Manager.

What is SAM? SAM is a policy-driven client that seamlessly navigates connectivity between cellular and Wi-Fi network.

How does SAM work? Service provider has a multitude of adaptable ANDSF policies which are sent to a user’s device.

When a network becomes congested device offloads application to an approved Wi-Fi network. The device manages its connectivity by location, time of day, operator, and user preferences all in real time.

How is SAM used? Dynamic policy control intelligently matches applications to networks by:
1) Smartphone connected through a cellular network. Running apps (streaming audio via LTE; streaming a video feed via LTE)
2) Phone connects and switches to Wi-Fi. Running apps (streaming audio via Wi-Fi; streaming a video feed via Wi-Fi)
3) Phone connects to both cellular and Wi-Fi. Running apps (streaming audio via LTE; streaming a video feed via Wi-Fi)
The result: an efficient combination of policy enforcement, network analytics, knowledge of user content.

What are the benefits of SAM? This solution is unique because it is standards compliant. Users who use our SAM will see these advantages:

User Benefit: consistent and seamless quality of experience for application and services
Service Provider Advantage: Service provider manages network resources efficiently
Application Providers Advantage: Unique capability to map networks and applications. Best-in-class experience, services, and applications anywhere, any networks.
OEM Advantage: Scalable solution enterprise, metro and macro deployments. Closely coordinate and manage Wi-Fi, Femto, 3G, LTE networks.

SAM’s efficiency optimizes resources on the mobile device and improves user experience.