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SAM Demo Interview with Bob Gazda
Video / Jan 2013 / SAM, Wi-Fi

Male Voice: So, I’m with Bob Gazda. Bob’s with our team that’s doing smart access management research. Bob, what are we looking at here?

Bob Gazda: Here, we have our smart access manager client. This is a connectivity mobility solution that runs on a user’s handset. The idea is to provide a seamless, invisible network experience to mobile users. I care about the content that I want; not necessarily my network connections. But then at the same time we can provide a policy framework that allows a network owner or network operator to manage their network assets, take advantage of Wi-Fi networks in conjunction or in combination with cellular networks, and then we can intelligently match application traffic to those networks.

Male Voice: In terms of market this is kind of at the intersection where operator meets device, right? You’ve got something running on the device that helps you manage the policies and policy control but one of the advantages is for operators as well, correct?

Bob Gazda: Exactly. So, operators are deploying their own Wi-Fi networks so it’s very common. And as an operator I can have a congested cellular network while right next to it I have under-utilized Wi-Fi assets. And this is about being able to take advantage of those assets and do it in a way that’s seamless to the users. So, I’m not bothering somebody with Wi-Fi access and it will happen seamlessly to the mobile user.

Male Voice: Fantastic. Thanks a lot.