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M2M Demo Interview with Nick Podias
Video / Jan 2013 / M2M, IoT

Nick Podias: Our M10 technology addresses the problem of the lack of a common standard in the industry. Right now there’s all proprietary solutions for each of the vertical markets and you have to go to one vendor to address a complete solution. And each solution is not interoperable with the other devices; applications are not interoperable. So, our solution -- our service platform -- that’s based on the [EPC] standard addresses this by having the common API and the common service layer that applies to any vertical market and any access technology for the underlying devices. What we’ve done is we’ve [unintelligible] through a service layer based on the [EPC] M10 standard that’s been under development for the last three years.

We’ve been a leader in that standard development and the architecture and the definition of the interfaces and we’ve taken that knowledge and experience and implemented a service delivery platform that implements the standard and it provides the services for any application; any vertical market and any underlying technology and provides an easy-to-use API for application development, both in the network application as well as the end devices. And this can apply to many existing vertical markets such as smart energy, eHealth, telematics, and other similar M2M markets. Right. The market applications, as I mentioned a few of them already, is any of the existing applications and M2M technology that are out there in the market today.

And the ones that will be a focus will be smart energy telematics, eHealth and asset tracking. But more than that, the standard opens up other opportunities for expanding the scope of machine-to-machine with the introduction of a common platform. So, we see that expanding to other areas and evolving, ultimately, to the internet of things where we add context awareness and other capabilities to the system to allow a more fully featured experience for the user. So, one of the advantages of the common platform that we’ve developed is it reduces cost for the people who want to deploy machine-to-machine. Today they have to go to a service provider and there’s a lot of engineering cost associated with setting up the system and tailoring it for that application and for that customer.

And with a standard approach and a standard API you eliminate those costs or reduce them significantly so you have an easier time-to-market for the customers and a larger uptake in the marketplace and scales the M10 market much more quickly.