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InterDigital, Ping Tan, Senior Staff Engineer Smart Access Manager
Video / Jan 2014 / CES, SAM, Wi-Fi

Rory Moore:- CES 2014, CEO CommNexus, here with Ping Tan. Ping’s with InterDigital. 


And if you’ve been at a football game, baseball game, any kind of sporting event, one of the things that you miss when you’re home is that instant replay from various angles. It’s been able to get on Wi-Fi, to understand all the different services and activities that are occurring at the stadium. You can’t do that.


What we have here is a technology and a design that InterDigital’s completed that’ll enable you, as a fan, to enjoy the same experience you have at home at the stadium, and be there in person.


Let’s hear all about it, Ping.


Ping Tan:All right. Yes. So, here, we have a smart-access manager. And what this is, is actually, you know, it gives intelligence, and, you know, it has also seamless, and, also, it’s secure.


So, on the device - I have a device here - that, you know, anywhere that you are - when you’re at home, at the stadium, or anywhere else, you know - at a shopping mall - you would have the best-available network that can be connected, you know.


And we also monitor, you know, the quality of user experience. So, when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi, and, you know, the Wi-Fi quality is bad, the device knows about that, and it will, you know, use another network.


So, let me show you - for example, you’re talking about the stadium. If you’re at a stadium, the device, you know, receive a [pulse E] from, you know, a server, and you are automatically connected to, you know, this network, stadium Wi-Fi.


What if the stadium Wi-Fi is bad? What happens there? So, let’s generate some congestion, you know, on the stadium Wi-Fi. And you’re automatically connected to the next-best network.


So, this provides the best available network anywhere, and is seamless to the end user - and also provides, you know, the operators to be able to push pulse Es, and improve their network.


Rory Moore:So, for the fan in the stands, they’re on a Wi-Fi at the stadium. They’re receiving content from the stadium. They’re receiving replay and camera vantage points they’re not able to see unless they’re at home. So, now they can see that replay, see a different perspective of the game on their handset. 


Even though they’ve seen it live, they can review it, they can see player statistics, video about the history of players. All that can be free on their Wi-Fi while they’re at the stadium.


Ping Tan:Right. So, you know, we provide, you know, this ability for users to be able to connect, you know, wherever they are - even at places where - in stadiums, where there’s a lot of congestion. And even when you get connected to a Wi-Fi network, you know, you may not be able to, you know, stream what you want to see.


But, you know, with this, we know the condition of networks, and we provide the best network available, be it cellular or Wi-Fi. So, we manage, you know, the networks that are available to you so you could connect to it.


Rory Moore:And InterDigital creates the software to do this.


Ping Tan:Yes, that’s correct.


Rory Moore:Outstanding. Thank you, Ping.


Ping Tan:All right. Thank you.