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FLAME - Participation at "Urban Hacking in 5G 2019"
Video / Aug 2019

This video highlights InterDigitals involvement in the recent “Urban Hacking in 5G” event in Bristol. The event saw competing creative software teams use 5G technology, specifically mobile edge computing, to design and implement applications that deliver new media experiences within urban settings.  

FLAME – Facility for Large-scale Adaptive Media Experimentation – a European H2020 project, seeks to transform the user experience by delivering faster access to media and new services through 5G.  

InterDigital provided its Service-Based Architecture (SBA) solution at the heart of the FLAME platform. The SBA solution utilizes InterDigital’s FLIPS (Flexible IP Services) technology suite to combine multicast technology with content caching and enables HTTP requests to be flexibly routed on top of an SDN-based transport network. By using FLIPS, latency can be dramatically reduced and throughput increased, resulting in higher resource efficiency and speed of delivery for IP-based services. This SBA solution has recently been included as one of three possible deployment choices for 3GPP’s enhanced SBA in the current Release 16 specification.  

The event was designed to create a sustainable Future Media Internet ecosystem through innovation embedded on the 5GUK Test Network infrastructure. Software teams were challenged to create inclusive, participative and entertainment experiences that could potentially be enjoyed by the public.