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TIA 5G Operator Survey Results: "5G Needs to Be a Chameleon Technology"
Webinar / Mar 2017 / 5G

A survey and analysis of service providers' trials, timelines and implementations of 5G technologies spanning across Asia, Europe and North America is the focus of the January 31st release of TIA's 5G Operator Survey Report. The report claims 5G needs to be a “chameleon” technology and industry must adapt to differing demands of wireless services to support high bandwidth, low latency, bursty traffic, ultra-reliable services, or a combination of these capabilities.

This panel, sponsored by InterDigital, focuses on the results from TIA's 2017 5G Operator Survey, and features Dr. Phil Marshall, Chief Research Officer at Tolaga Research and author of TIA’s 5G Operator Survey and Report, Peter Jarich, Chief Analyst at GlobalData, and Bob DiFazio, Vice President of InterDigital Labs.

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