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6G: The Network of Technology Convergence

White Paper / Feb 2022 / 6G, ABI, 6GWorld

Cellular technology evolution across multiple generations has consistently sustained the global economic growth. Each of these generations has uniquely contributed to boosting the world Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by addressing key industry pain-points and enabling new business opportunities not possible with previous generation networks. 6G will not be an exception here.

This paper will elaborate on some potential market opportunities 6G will enable, notably the build-up towards the metaverse. Most importantly, it will define the 6G vision and the three types of convergence this vision will encapsulate, namely:

  • The communications and computing convergence referred to as 6G native intelligence in this paper.
  • The telecommunications convergence whereby 6G becomes the network of networks bringing many access technologies together to enable ubiquitous coverage around the globe.
  • The convergence between virtual and physical spaces as the industry cruises its way towards the metaverse. Not only this could enable new experiences and use-cases, but it could also help in reducing the risks attached to operating businesses, infrastructures, and the planning of new products and services.