Moving Towards Next Level Immersion with Mixed Reality

White Paper / Apr 2018 / ar/vr, innovation partners

Over the last few years, we watched head-worn virtual and augmented reality devices move from research laboratories to store shelves as the newest platform enabling novel virtual experiences. The big promise of emerging mixed reality (MR) technology is a far deeper immersion into imaginary worlds than is possible with the flat 2D screens we currently use to consume movies, TV shows and computer games. Increased immersion comes from the fact that with MR, viewers feel completely surrounded by the alternative reality – they’re not merely looking at a flat 2D projection on a screen from a single fixed viewpoint. To create an increased level of immersion, MR content needs to look and behave realistically, as if the user is part of the virtual environment even though it only really exists as digital information in a computer’s memory.

In this white paper, Innovation Partners introduce key terms and technical aspects associated with free viewpoint control for MR content; limitations that are hindering production, distribution and consumption of immersive MR content; and, at the end, introduce solutions that address these shortcomings in novel ways.