Introduction to AI in Wireless

eBook / Jul 2023

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) is one of today’s most widely discussed and anticipated technologies. The promise of automation and intelligent enhancement of functions and operations for both technology and enterprise applications has sparked considerable interest and intrigue for AI/ML.

Still, AI/ML is a powerful tool, but not a panacea. AI/ML cannot be used to solve every problem, but when strategically and effectively applied, it holds the potential to benefit a plethora of operations. As we continue the path of network evolution from 5G today to the 6G networks of the future, we expect the role of AI/ML to grow, especially as research, development, and standardization efforts towards the next generation of wireless products identify new ways to leverage AI/ML to improve device operations, network management for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), end user experience, and more.

This eBook will introduce a short history of AI, outline a few of the current applications of AI/ML within the wireless ecosystem, and dive into the ongoing research exploring new ways to integrate AI/ML as part of wireless evolution beyond 5G Advanced, particularly within the core and radio access network (RAN).