Versatile Video Coding: Six Reasons Why VVC Is Poised To Be The Next Predominant Codec For Video Industry

eBook / Jan 2023

At InterDigital, we develop foundational technologies and solutions that enable us to enhance our communications and support a diverse range of virtual experiences for an array of connected ecosystems. Versatile Video Coding — also known as VVC or H.266 — is emerging as the favored video codec to support new services beyond traditional 2D video entertainment. Developed jointly by working groups within ISO/IEC and ITU-T, VVC is the successor to the HEVC/H.265 codec and is heralded as a more efficient, higher performance video codec capable of meeting the 2D video and immersive demands of the future.

VVC is early in its lifecycle but has already demonstrated considerable promise, and InterDigital remains an active contributor to its development and impact. In this eBook, we’ll review six reasons why VVC is poised to be the next predominant codec for
the video industry.