At Rest: End-to-End VVC Encoding of Energy Aware HDR Content

At Rest: End-to-End VVC Encoding of Energy Aware HDR Content

At Rest: End-to-End VVC Encoding of Energy Aware HDR Content

February 25, 2024 / MWC24 / Posted By: InterDigital Comms

InterDigital innovation in wireless, video, and AI helps empower new network capabilities and seamless connected experiences both today, and for our future. At Mobile World Congress 2024, we’ll be sharing a snapshot of our expertise, spotlighting our innovations shaping 5G Advanced and equipping 6G with the potential for network integration of sensing data, state-of-the-art streaming solutions that deliver the highest quality HDR content while mitigating energy impact, and partnerships and advancements in video codecs that enhance immersive streaming experiences with new sensations.

Join us at Hall 7 Stand 7B31 to experience how InterDigital innovation empowers connected experiences in all facets of our lives. Peering through the lens of InterDigital innovation impact at work, at rest, and at play, read on to learn how the foundational video codec and pioneering energy aware media research of InterDigital’s Video Lab can empower the crispest and highest quality video streams while mitigating energy consumption and impact.


InterDigital Innovation: End-to-End VVC Encoding of Energy Aware HDR Content

InterDigital will emulate the connected living room of an environmentally conscious home that leverages InterDigital solutions and AI expertise to stream the highest quality video content while mitigating the energy impact of viewing.

In addition to showcasing how the VVC codec can be leveraged to encode the highest quality HDR content, the demo will also apply InterDigital’s AI expertise to our Pixel Value Reduction solution to achieve unperceivable reductions in pixel luminance that support energy efficient media delivery and consumption of that HDR content.


Featured Technology and Innovation


InterDigital’s Video Lab contributes to the evolution of advanced video codecs while innovating solutions to mitigate video energy consumption. We are a champion of the state-of-the-art Versatile Video Codec (VVC), which offers 40 to 50% efficiency gain on the delivery of 2D videos. As its name suggests, VVC is versatile and addresses a range of future applications encompassing volumetric and immersive video formats; our contributions in this space advance codec efficiency to support newer and more diverse video content.

Our award-winning and collaborative contributions to Advanced HDR production, distribution, and display solutions, alongside partner Philips, leverage machine

learning to enhance image quality and visual experiences in the delivery of standard dynamic range (SDR) and high-dynamic range (HDR) content. At MWC, we demonstrate how to use our Advanced HDR technology to create a single stream with dynamic metadata to deliver both standard and high dynamic range content, preserving half of bandwidth required to stream. On the display, our Advanced HDR technology will render premium HDR content with peak brightness that is adapted to mitigate energy consumption while preserving the user experience both on a TV or a mobile device.

InterDigital is a pioneer of energy aware media initiatives and solutions like Pixel Value Reduction (PVR). PVR is an energy-aware display technology that intelligently optimizes pixel brightness to reduce the energy consumption of video screens. Our MWC showcase will apply our AI expertise to our PVR technology to achieve unperceivable reductions in pixel luminance that support more energy efficient media delivery and consumption. Our demonstration shows how we can achieve different values of pixel reduction to reduce the energy consumption for responsible users while preserving the user experience.

In addition to these technologies, InterDigital contributes to a diverse ecosystem of projects like 3EMS2 and collaborates with companies like Ateme and others to develop technologies and solutions that deliver benefits across different devices and experiences.

Why This Matters


Sustainability remains a worldwide challenge, and the growing global demand for immersive and video-based media and entertainment will result in significant energy consequences if not met with actionable solutions.

Our InterDigital engineers and innovators have an opportunity to examine the video ecosystem to propose solutions to these challenges as more hours of video content are viewed each year on newer devices like TVs with larger screens and higher resolutions.

Our innovations and technologies empower broadcasters and service providers to encode and deliver superior visual experiences with uncompromised

HDR content that is also compatible with any type of device, whether HDR or SDR-only. Moreover, our VVC contributions, PVR innovations, and AI expertise come together to empower viewers to stream the highest quality content while also mitigating their energy impact and preserving the artistic integrity of the original content.

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