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EdgeLink™ Solution
Presentation / Jun 2017

EdgeLink™ solution is a SDN controlled multi-hop mesh network of mmWave transport nodes.

1 EdgeLink? Solution ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Transport Network Definition External Networks Edge Transport High Capacity, Low Latency, Wired and Wireless, Diverse Integrated Traffic Internet of Everything Small CellRRU Local Data Center User Plane vBBU Edge Computing Content Caching Core Transport Optical Transport Networks Long-Haul Core Network Control Plane NFV Billing Orchestration 2 2? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. EdgeLink? Solution ? mmW 5G Transport SDN-based Multi-hop Mesh Network composed of Gigabit, Low-Latency Millimeter Wave Links ? WiGig / 802.11ad baseband ? 60GHz long range, 38dBi gain antennas ? Multi-tenant, multi-service level transport slice management ? Mesh topology for fault tolerance and availability EdgeLink Nodes: ? Network Discovery and Neighbor Selection ? OpenFlow-based, mmW MAC/PHY/RF Mesh Controller Software: ? SDN-based, manages the mesh topology to maintain Transport Slice Service Level requirements O&M Software ? Cloud-enabled, web-interface for remote operations and monitoring InterDigital?s Cloud-Based Software Platform OpenFlow Mesh Controller WiGig Baseband RF WiGig Baseband RF . . . Software Hardware INTERDIGITAL MESH LAYER SOFTWARE Antenna Unit Network Unit ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3 4 Intelligent Software to Build a Carrier Grade Edge Network ? EdgeLink? solution is a SDN controlled multi-hop mesh network of mmWave transport nodes ? Cluster of EdgeLink nodes connected by mesh to EdgeLink Gateway ? Key Components ? EdgeLink? solution Nodes ? Network Discovery and Neighbor Selection ? OpenFlow Switch (Open vSwitch) ? mmW MAC/PHY/RF air interface ? Mesh Controller Software ? Built on SDN frameworks (OpenDayLight, ONOS) ? O&M Software ? Web-based interface for remote O&M ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Easily Customizable Software using Flexible Interfaces Northbound APIs (REST) Base Network Service Functions Service Abstraction Layer EdgeLink? Controller OpenFlow 6 EdgeLink? Controller Gateway Node IP CLOUD Non-Gateway Node InterDigital?s EdgeLink Mesh Controller Software, O&M EdgeLink Cluster EdgeLink Cluster Operator 1 Operator 2 5 Mesh Software Functions ? Network discovery and autonomous neighbor selection ? Proprietary in-band signaling with the Mesh Network Controller for Topology management ? Management of node and sector state machines ? Link Failure handling and switching to alternate path ? Sector Recovery and Node Recovery ? Link metric collection ? L2 transport implemented by OpenVSwitch ? SNMP support with EdgeLink? MIB ? Ease of configurability via text file configuration parameters 2023 802.11ad PHY Host IF 60GHz Phased Array Node Manager and State Machine Configuration Manager Event Manager Link Metrics Scheduling & QoS Manager Routing Manager Baseband-Host Interface (Adaptation Layer) Mesh Controller Interface (OpenFlow) Ethernet Convergence Layer / Layer 2 Bridge Ethernet Virtual Switch (OVS) Buffer Management Centralized Routing OpenDayLight, ONOS Neighbor Selection QoS (EIR and CIR Traffic) Network Metrics and Status Mesh Node Mesh Controller Gateway and/or Access Point WiGig BB & RF (Sector 1) 802.11ad PHY Host IF 60GHz Phased Array WiGig BB & RF (Sector N) Ethernet Internet or Private Network ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Supports Integrated 5G Transport Networks - Crosshaul Processing cloud Core Backhaul (BH) Fronthaul (FH) CPRI CPRI CPRI Point-to-point network Processing cloud Crosshaul: Integrated FH/BH Packet-based network Core ? Today?s C-RAN mobile transport network will not scale to support additional spectrum and antennas ? Separated fronthaul and backhaul management adds complexity and cost ? C-RAN functional splits are fixed and static ? An integrated fronthaul/backhaul (Crosshaul) will support diverse 5G traffic types ? Unified management built on SDN frameworks ? Wireless and wired transport for dense network edge connections, with path diversity for high reliability 6? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. EdgeLink at 5G Berlin Testbed ? EdgeLink? solution deployed into the 5G Berlin Testbed, hosted by Fraunhofer HHI ? under the 5G Crosshaul project ? 3 EdgeLink mmW Nodes ? outdoor installation on buildings within the Fraunhofer and Berlin Technical University campuses: ? Ranging from 95 to 185 meters distances ? 1 GW + 2 non-GW Nodes ? Multiplexing of Fronthaul and Backhaul traffic over the InterDigital mmW EdgeLink Mesh transport network: ? Backhaul == Commercial LTE Small Cell ? Fronthaul == Cloud-RAN (remote radio units and centralized baseband) provided by Core Network Dynamics, Crosshaul Partner ? Executed a range of experiments considering traffic loading profiles under real-world conditions ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Control Plane EdgeLink? solution Mesh SDN Controller EdgeLink? solution EMS Live EdgeLink ? solution matches 5G Berlin ? Crosshaul Testbed EdgeLink? Solution ? Live MWC 2017 Demo EdgeLink? solution Wireless mmW Crosshaul Transport Core Network Cloud RAN Baseband Processing Unit Open EPC MME S-GW, PGW 3D Video Goggles HD, 3D Camera Backhaul ? eNodeB Emulation Remote Radio Unit (Next Generation Fronthaul) 8? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.