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MWC16: The 5G Experience
Presentation / Mar 2016 / MWC16, 5G, IoT

The emergence of new technologies like the mission critical apps, ultra high definition video and Internet of Things (IoT) require a network that can handle more connected devices, increased traffic and reliable communications - all with very low latency. These requirements and drivers have led the industry to begin development on the smartest, fastest and most diverse mobile generation we've seen to date -  5G or the living network. This is a future where intelligent networks self-optimize to deliver service that is tailored to the content, context and connectivity of the user, device or need.

Take a high-level peek into how InterDigital is Creating The Living Network™.

? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ?1 5G ?Experience ? 5G: ?the ?most ?diverse ?in ?any ?generation! ? ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ?2 Video, ?video ?and ?more ?video! ?8K ?Ultra ?High ? Definition ?will ?be ?available ?around ?2020 ?driving ? 2600x ?traffic ?of ?2010 Massive ?Machine ?Type ?Communications! 50 ?Billion+ ? things ?across ?a ?dozen ?industries, ? unsynchronized, ?all ?talking ?at ?the ?same ?time Ubiquitous ?support ?of ?Mission ?Critical ?Applications New ?levels ?of ?life ?interactive ?experiences ?shaping ? new ?wireless ?requirements Real ?time ?interaction ?with ?environments ?is ?crucial ? to ?engagement ?of ?human ?beings ?(Tactile ?Internet) The ?Internet ?of ?Everything Very ?Low ?Latency ?Experience Enhanced ?Mobile ?Broadband Ultra ?Reliable ?Communications 4G purposed ?mainly ?for ?VIDEO? eMBB? The ?IoE ?? Ultra ?Reliable ?? Low ?Latency ?IMT-??2020 5G ?? Exploring ?Higher ?Frequencies 6 ?GHz What ?Spectrum ? should ?be ?considered? What ?should ?it ?be ?used ?for? How ?should ?it ?be ?used? Ultra-??Mobile ?Broadband ?for ? Indoor/Hotspot ?Access New ?Radio: ?5G ?Ultra-??Mobile ? Broadband ?(Above ?6 ?GHz) New ?Radio: ?5G ?Flexible ?Access ? (Below ?6 ?GHz) & Existing ?Radio: ?LTE ?Evolution Enhanced ?Mobile ?Broadband ? Everywhere & Connected ?World ?Use ?Cases (diverging ?requirements) New ?Spectrum ?above ?6 ?GHz: ? Larger ?bandwidths ?available ? (cmWave& ?mmWave) ? Different ?propagation ?characteristics ? and ?hardware ?constraints New ?spectrum ?below ?6 ?GHz: ? ? Opportunity ? to ?design ?a ?new ?non-?? backward ?compatible ?radio ?design Existing ?spectrum ?below ?6 ?GHz: ? Leverage ?existing ?4G ?deployments ? towards ?5G f ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ?3 Air ?interface ?design ?must ?be ?flexible ?to ?support ?diverging ?requirements ?in ?the ?same ?spectrum 5G ?Flexible ?Access ?Below ?6 ?GHz Enhanced ?Mobile ?Broadband Low ?Power ?& ?Complexity Ultra-??High ?Reliability ?& ? Ultra-??Low ?Latency At ?least ?3 ?Operating ?Modes ?identified ?so ?far ?(with ?potentially ?more): ? Low ?data ?rate ?(1~100kbps) ? High ?density ?of ?devices ? (up ?to ?200,000/km2) ? Latency: ?seconds ?to ?hours ? Low ?power: ?up ?to ?15 ?years ?battery ? autonomy ? Asynchronous ?access ? Macro ?and ?small ?cells ? 1 ?ms Latency ?(air ?interface) ? Spectrum ?allocated ?at ?WRC-??15 ? may ?lead ?up ?to ?8Gbps ?of ?additional ? throughput ? Support ? for ?high ?mobility ? Low ?to ?medium ?data ?rates ? (50kbps~10Mbps) ? <1 ?ms air ?interface ?latency ? 99.999% ?reliability ?and ?availability ? Low ?connection ?establishment ?latency ? ? 0-??500 ?km/h ?mobility ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ?4 5G ?Ultra-??Mobile ?Broadband ?Above ?6 ?GHz New ?spectrum ?above ?6 ?GHz ?provides ?opportunity ?for ?Ultra-??Mobile ?Broadband ?for ?indoor ?and ?hotspots ? Key ?EnablersKey ?Requirements Key ?Challenges ? Large ?amounts ?of ?spectrum ? Massive ?antenna ?arrays ? Cell ?densification ? 20 ?Gbps (peak ?user ?throughput) ? 1 ?ms Latency ?(air ?interface) ? Standalone ?and/or ?macro-??assisted ? access ? Joint ?access/backhaul ? Timely ?availability ?of ?globally ? harmonized ?spectrum ? Low-??cost ?& ?low-??complexity ? implementations ? Discovery ?& ?initial ?access ? Frequent ?& ?abrupt ?loss ?of ?radio ?link(s) ? Frequencies ? above ?6 ?GHz ?suffer ?from ?much ?higher ?path ?loss, ? lower ? diffraction ?and ?higher ?losses ? due ?to ?penetration ? ? Massive ?antenna ?arrays ?are ?feasible ?due ?to ?shorter ?wavelengths ? Leads ?to ?compact ?antenna ?array ?structures ? Provides ?beamforming ?gains ?required ?to ?overcome ?high ?path ?loss Distance 2.4GHz 28GHz 60GHz d = ?1m -??40 ?dB -??62 ?dB -??68 ?dB d = ?100m -??80 ?dB -??102 ?dB -??108 ?dB Free-??Space ?Path ?Loss 28 ?dB ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ?5 SHOPPING ?MALL Traffic ?Volume: ?170 ?Gbps/km2 Latency: ?5ms ?(RTT) Traffic ?Volume: ?700 ?Gbps/km2 Latency: ?2-??5ms ?(RTT) REALTIME ?REMOTE ? COMPUTING Traffic ?Volume: ?60 ?Gbps/km2 Latency: ?10ms ?(RTT) OPEN ?AIR ?FESTIVAL Traffic ?Volume: ?900 ?Gbps/km2 Latency: ?10ms ?(RTT) Source: ?METIS ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ?6 DENSE ?URBAN ?INFO ?SOCIETY Indoor ?& ?Outdoor ?5G ?Use ?Cases ?and ?KPIs ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ? EdgeHaul? ?based ?Telepresence mmWave 3-??Node ?Backhaul ?with ?Mesh ? Network ? & ?SDN Adaptive ?Video ?Streaming ? Using ?the ?MPEG ?DASH ?and ?SHVC 5G ?Ultra ?Mobile ?Broadband ? Directional ? Links ?& ?MIMO 7 Next ?Generation ? IP ?Networking Integrated ?information ? centric ? networking ?(ICN) Iot Solutions Realize ?the ?true ?value ?of ?IoT oneTRANSPORT A ?real ?deployment ?of ?oneM2M? ? InterDigital 5G ?Experience ? WiGig based ?InterDigital?s ?EdgeHaul? ?Millimeter ?Wave ? Backhaul ? InterDigital ?Mesh ?Software ?built ?on ?SDN ?framework ? Centralized ?controller ?with ?Element ?Management ?System ? Telepresence ?application ?demonstrates ?low ?latency ?high ? throughput ? capability ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ?8 EdgeHaulTM Live ?Demo ?with ? Telepresence ?Application ? Support ? for ?2x1 ?and ?2x2 ?MIMO ? ? Low ?Latency ?time ?slotted ?Frame ?Structure ? ? Hybrid ?Beam ?Forming ?(Analog ?& ?Digital) ? ? Waveform: ?TDD-??Single ?Carrier-?? 2x ?streams ? Modulation ?and ?Coding ?Scheme ?(MCS) ?2-??12 ? ? Peak ?data ?rate ?1.6 ?Gbps ? RF ?channel ?Bandwidth: ?~1GHZ ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ?9 Ultra ?Mobile ?Broadband ?Platform ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ? ? InterDigital?s ?Video ?Platform ?built ?on ?Scalable ?HEVC ? (SHVC) ?Video ?Coding ?standard ?and ?MPEG ?DASH ? Streaming ?standard ? Base ?layer ?video ?is ?delivered ?over ?reliable ?lower-?? speed ?network ?and ?enhancement ?layer ?can ?be ? delivered ?over ?ultra ?mobile ?broadband ?wireless ? network ?(e.g. ?using ?mmWave) ? Layer-??based ?DASH ?adaptive ?streaming ?platform ? supports ? high-??quality ?video ?delivery ?under ?diverse ? access ?network ?conditions 10 Adaptive ?Video ?Streaming ? Large-??scale ?PoC based ?on ?integrated ?information ?centric ? networking ?(ICN) ? A ?new ?vision ?of ?surrogate ?servers ?to ?meet ?5G ?requirements ? on ?throughput ?and ?latency ? Innovative ?SDN ?integration ?to ?align ?with ?programmable ? network ?evolution ? Involves ?350+ ?network ?nodes ? in ?international ?test ?bed ? across ?9 ?collaboration ?partners ? Video ?playout ?on ?two ?tablets ?shows ?the ?value ?of ?how ?our ? solution ? improves ?network ?utilization ?in ?a ?loaded ?network ? Usage ?of ?local ?test ?bed ?will ?showcase ?reduction ?of ?latency ? and ?improvement ?of ?QoE ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ?11 Next ?Generation ?IP ?Networking 12 IoT Solutions ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ? ? IoT ?Solutions ?make ?it ?easier ?to ?implement ?solutions ? that ?are ?scalable, ?agile, ?flexible ?and ?able ?to ?deliver ? true ?data ?value ? ? The ?product ?portfolio ? includes: ? ?an ?environment ?to ?connect ?platforms, ? data, ?devices ?and ?services ? ? oneMPOWER?: ?a ?standards-??based ?device ? management ?platform ? ? Industry ?Solutions: ?over ?100 ?solution ? partners ? across ?diverse ?verticals ?including ?transportation, ? automation, ?health ?care ?and ?industrial ? Provides ?ability ?to ?quickly ?build ?solutions, ?manage ? and ?secure ?devices ?and ?realize ?the ?true ?value ?of ?data ? 13 oneTRANSPORT ? ?2016 ?InterDigital, ?Inc. ?All ?Rights ?Reserved. ? ? A ?real ?deployment ?of ?oneM2M? ?to ?transform ?the ? transportation ?sector ? ? It ?is ?a ?two-??year ?smart ?city ?project ?funded ?mainly ?by ? Innovate ?UK ?and ?includes ?eleven ?multi-??sector ?partners ? ? The ?project ?aims ?to ?enable ?multimodal ?transport ? information ?to ?be ?published ?by ?data ?owners ?and ? accessed ?nationally ?by ?transport ?authorities, ? application ?developers ?and ?others ? It ?uses ?the ?oneM2M? ?standard to ?enable ?a ?fair ?and ? open ?marketplace ?for ?transport ?data ?and ?transport ? data ?products ? ? Sets ?the ?foundation ?for ?more ?efficient ?transportation ? systems ?for ?cities ?and ?travelers ?alike