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The Living Network: Leading the Path to 5G
Presentation / May 2015 / 5G, Wi-Fi, Millimeter Wave

With the first commerical deployments of 5G predicted to begin in just five years, learn more about the requirements, use cases and technologies of 5G.

1 The Living Network: Leading the Path to 5G Robert Olesen Director, InterDigital Inc. ? 2015 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved. 2 Outline: 5G Requirements Use cases 5G WiFi EdgeHaul : mmW Small Cell ? 2015 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved. 3 5G Requirements User experienced data rate Peak data rate Mobility Cell Edge Data Rate Latency Connection Density Energy Efficiency Spectrum efficiency 100 Mbit/s ? 20 Gbit/s 10-50 Gbit/s Pedestrian to 10km/h 500 Mbps 1ms (radio interface) 106 ? 107 (per Km2) 50-100 times IMT-Advanced (for network) 10 bps / Hz ? ITU-R defining objectives for IMT-Vision: ?Framework and overall objectives of the future development of IMT for 2020 and beyond? ? Includes Key Capabilities for next generation systems:Identifying Capabilities for 5G Dense Network Tactile Internet Massive Internet of Things Broadband Access Broadband Access Everywhere Lifeline Communications Pervasive Video 4 5G Use Cases ? 2015 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved. NGMN 5G White Paper5 5 5G WiFi ? 2015 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved. 5G Wi-Fi : Everywhere and Growing WiFi in the Home Internet of Things Video Streaming Entertainment Home Office The Train, Bus, Airplane Entertainment on the Go Mobile Office Mobile Internet In the Mall, Library, Park Internet of Things Video Streaming Photography Geolocation At the Office, Campus Internet Printer, Display, LAN Desktop Device IoT At the Stadium Stadium Streaming Event Updates Merchandise Service Micro-Geolocation ? and in the car WFA Vision: Connecting everyone, everything, everywhere 7 5G WiFi ? Technology Landscape and Architecture ? 2015 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved. 802.11ah 802.11ax 802.11ax 802.11ai (All bands) MAC Enhancement For Fast Discovery and Association Massive IoT IoT (Sub1GHz) Long range Massive IoT Cellular Offload Modest WLAN Mobility Support Ultra High Throughput mmW (>45GHz) Access/Backhaul Directional Links MIMO Next Generation WLAN (2.4/5GHz) Dense indoor/outdoor deployment High MAC/Area efficiency Broadband Access Everywhere 802 .11 ay 8 5G ? Enabling WiFi Technologies ? 2015 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved. ? Next generation mmW link access and backhaul ? SU-MIMO and MU-MIMO ? Enhanced coverage ? USR Communications ? UHD Wireless Transfer ? Backhaul ? Mobile Offload CellularOffloading (60GHz) WiFi Offload Offloading (2.4/5GHz) Co-located area of femto/pico-cells and WLAN BSSs Femto cell/Pico cell area AAA, DHCP, DNS, ANQP, etc. WLAN area Macro cell area ? Indoor/Outdoor Deployments ? Sharing of frequency and spatial domains between users/APs ? Optimized area throughput ? Optimized power consumption ? Backward compatibility 802.11ax High Efficiency WLAN 802.11ay Next Generation mmW 9 EdgeHaul? Millimeter Wave Small Cell Backhaul System ? 2015 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved. 10 5G Technology Trends and Drivers Edge Intelligence Trend Billing Security Mobility Policy Traffic Mgmt Roaming RRM SON Subscriber Mgmt Network Functions Virtualization in CLOUD INTERNET/ CDN Network Virtualization and Resource Provisioning via SDN techniques ? virtualization of RAN, Small Cells, Backhaul Mass deployment of Heterogeneous Small Cells, emergence of Small Cell Networks Deployment of super-small cells based on mmWave technologies WIRELESS GATEWAY Cache Local Traffic Distribution Spectrum Sharing & Aggregation Local ServicesSelf-Organizing Wireless Backhaul Millimeter Wave is a 5G enabler? ? Ideally suited for dense, shorter range networks ?Steerable/Reconfigurable services controllable from the Cloud ?High capacity at the edge for ?last ?-mile? access to massive data Virtualization Trend Denser Heterogeneous Networks Trend 11 Millimeter Wave Hotspot : Enabling the Path to 5G ? 2015 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved. The Technology Solution for 5G Small Cell Access and Backhaul ? Abundant Millimeter Wave Spectrum can provide fiber-like capacity ? Growth beyond what emerging Small Cell and Spectrum Sharing solutions can provide (100x ? 1000x growth!) Next G eNB mmW backhaul mmW access Traditional Cellular Link Full mmH Architecture 5G Access Wireless Mesh Backhaul MWC 2015 B E A D CG 2016 2020 2023 mmW Phase Array Radio and Antenna Earliest Commercialization Timeline Millimeter Wave Small Cell Backhaul INTERDIGITAL, IMEC AND PERASO DEMONSTRATE WORLD?S FIRST WIGIG?-BASED MILLIMETER WAVE MESH BACKHAUL SYSTEM 12? 2015 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved. ? Low-Cost, High Capacity, Scalable design for today?s Small Cell Backhaul and future 5G millimeter wave access ? System-oriented approach to develop future small cell platform ? High throughput over range suitable for urban small cell ? 60GHz Phased Array with electronic beamsteering reduces installation cost an provides interference management ? Leverage high volume WiGig baseband 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 0 1 2 3 4 5 Gbps M et er s OpenFlow-based Mesh Controller Deployment Tools EXPECTED RANGE VS. RATE InterDigital?s EdgeHaul? Platform Results assume QPSK and 16 antennas 13 Thank You! Questions? ? 2015 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.