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3G BWM in UK (picoChip platform with Greiner)
Video / Jan 2011 / 3G, Wi-Fi

Male Voice: InterDigital bandwidth management software provides both the operators and the product developer the capability to seamlessly integrate Wi-Fi and femtocell 3G access points together in one converged gateway. InterDigital software bandwidth management server provides the ability for both aggregating the data of both interfaces and here we see the capability; we're about 4Mbps on the 3G, about 18Mbps on the Wi-Fi. So, aggregated and added together they are showing about 22Mbps. The feature of this is once you get interruption or lose the 3G femtocell the data will then stop on the 3G. However, the access point on the Wi-Fi is still there and the data is still being downloaded correctly.

Now, when the 3G access point is returned the data will return on that interface and therefore the download shall continue with both interfaces showing the data. Now, the other aspect of InterDigital’s bandwidth management software is the ability to segregate the data. We can do deep packet inspection on the traffic flows as they come into the converged gateway. And with that you can - based upon policies that are controlled by the network operator - send the data rather down the 3G interface or the Wi-Fi interface. So, if a particular user has a policy that requires that voice-over-IP go on 3G, you replace the headers within the packet and then that data would travel down the 3G pipe.

Consequently, for video streaming - if you wanted to do video streaming - you could send the video stream down only the Wi-Fi as well. So, the beauty of this is - perfect use case is renting a movie. You want to rent the movie. You can go through the subscription - the billing process - on the 3G interface, whereby the network operator already has the cash flow in place to order the video. And therefore he doesn't want the video content to go on his 3G network; he can then offload the video content back to Wi-Fi.