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Dynamic Spectrum Management
Video / Jan 2013 / DSM

Narrator: InterDigital's Dynamic Spectrum Management technology intelligently harvests TV white space and other under-utilized frequency bands to satisfy the ever-growing demand for wireless bandwidth. This is InterDigital’s Dynamic Spectrum Management - or DSM - test bench. It consists of a DSM Access Point, a DSM client, a Programmable Interference Module, our Channel-Management Function and GUI running on a laptop. Our DSM GUI gives insight into the operation of our DSM technology. Policy determines the channel types that can be used. The client's location is leveraged to access a white space database. It provides as list of available candidate channels. In a typical-use case scenario a user browses the Netflix video library searching for a movie. A low data rate is required for this activity. One channel is requested for aggregation.

The movie is selected from the library and a streaming download begins. This requires more bandwidth. Two more channels are requested for aggregation. Our sensing toolbox detects TV interference in Channel 37. Our channel management function removes Channel 37 from the aggregation and replaces it with Channel 47. The user experiences uninterrupted service during the operation of our DSM technology. InterDigital’s Dynamic Spectrum Management implements database-assisted, intelligent channel selection, aggregation of non-contiguous channels for high throughput, and sensing for interference avoidance. This spectrum harvesting opens up hundreds of Megahertz of under-utilized frequencies for use by Wi-Fi, LTE, and other wireless systems, providing a solution to the impending bandwidth crunch.