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Video / Jan 2013 / DSM

Jane Mack: All right. Today I would like to introduce to you InterDigital’s Dynamic Spectrum Management prototype platform, capable of aggregating up to four noncontiguous channels over the TV white space spectrum. The DSM prototype platform is a Wi-Fi system that utilizes a commercial grade, 802.11n protocol stack that has been modified to transmit over the TV white space spectrum. Okay. In that building way over there we have our DSM engine, which included the AP functionality, the Channel Management function, the sensing processor, and the internet connection to the Geo-location database. We're transmitting currently from that building over one TV white space channel. What we have here is the DSM client or the station. We're receiving a video and depending on the type of video that we would download - right now we are seeing anywhere between 500Kbs to 1.5Mbs downloading over one TV white space channel.

We have our DSM client here and inside here what we see here is we have our commercial-grade, FPGA-based, 802.11n protocol stack running on this platform.