6G Symposium Sync-Up Webinar

6G Symposium Sync-Up Webinar

6G Symposium Sync-Up Webinar
Webinar / Nov 2020

The 6G Symposium Sync-Up webinar hosted with Fierce Wireless, recapped the key take-aways and most thought-provoking presentations from the 6G Symposium.

Symposium organizers Doug Castor from InterDigital and Tommaso Melodia from Northeastern University joined industry experts to digest and make sense of the event’s varying perspectives on the 6G roadmap, the role of AI and Machine Learning in 6G networks, spectrum sharing approaches, public-private research partnerships, and much more.

Moderator: Alex Lawrence, Managing Editor, 6GWorld


  • Doug Castor, Senior Director, InterDigital R&I
  • Tommaso Melodia, Director Of The WIOT Institute, Northeastern University
  • Monisha Ghosh, CTO, FCC
  • Roger Nichols, 6G Program Manager, Keysight