Recognizing The Importance of Global Standards

Recognizing The Importance of Global Standards

Recognizing The Importance of Global Standards
Webinar / Oct 2023

The system behind global standards, such as 5G, is one of the great commercial success stories of the modern industrial age. The process of collaboration, which brings together innovators from around the world, advances technologies and helps deliver ever-more sophisticated devices to consumers. Standardized technologies should be supported by balanced IP rights, but they unfortunately face an increasingly uncertain policy landscape.

Please join Gene Quinn, Founder, President & CEO of IPWatchdog, Inc., Laurie Self, Senior Vice President and Counsel, Government Affairs at Qualcomm Incorporated, John Dubiansky, Director, Intellectual Property and Standards Policy at Dolby Laboratories, and Stéphane Tronchon, Director, Standards and Competition Policy at InterDigital, for this webinar that will look at the role that all stakeholders in tech standards can play to ensure that the system remains a key driver of global economic growth.

Among other things, the panel will discuss:

  • Why global standards matter – advancing better technologies and fueling economic growth with a growing focus on sustainability.
  • The role of fair and balanced IP rights in supporting long-term standards research.
  • The state of play with global SEP policy.
  • Advice to policymakers and other stakeholders on the best path forward.