The Pursuit of a Sustainable 5G - The Experts Take

The Pursuit of a Sustainable 5G - The Experts Take

The Pursuit of a Sustainable 5G - The Experts Take
Webinar / Jan 2021 / Sustainability

Telecoms represents one of the wealthiest industries today, boasting more than 5.3 billion users and earning $1.38 trillion in service revenues. The pursuit of new generations of wireless has for decades driven demand for new technologies and services, set the stage for our current race to 5G, and placed increasing pressure on global energy reserves.

A recent report by InterDigital and ABI Research reveals the energy consumption of the wireless industry is poised to grow a staggering 160% by 2030. Unlike previous wireless generations, the expected ubiquity and flexibility, and subsequent energy demands, of 5G make it a blessing and a curse for an industry bracing for a burgeoning environmental impact. Tackling one of our industry’s greatest environmental challenges to enable 5G’s looming potential will require contributions and solutions from across the supply chain and network infrastructure to make our wireless future as sustainable as possible.

This webinar will feature diverse expert perspectives from around the wireless ecosystem to identify the emerging challenges, and some unexpected new solutions, on the path to enjoy a more sustainable 5G and wireless future.

Moderator: Dimitris Mavrakis, ABI


  • Saad Ahmad, InterDigital
  • Ana Maria Galindo, Orange
  • Nishant Gautam, Nokia