AI is the Key for 5G Success

White Paper / Dec 2022

5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the breakthrough technologies of this decade. The combination of these technologies will serve as a catalyst to many other emerging areas and will pave the way for a variety of new business opportunities in the consumer and enterprise segments, otherwise not possible with existing technologies.

By design, 5G should be more than just an access technology evolution to Long- Term Evolution (LTE), intended for extending network capacity and lowering latency. Thanks to network slicing and service orchestration capabilities, 5G and network transformation will lay the foundation for building intelligent, secure, and reliable infrastructure. 5G will create a fabric of processing capabilities at the edge of the network, coupled with high bandwidth and reliable low-latency connectivity. The requirement for such features will also increase exponentially when enterprise vertical use cases become mainstream, and mobile service providers will need to adapt their networks in ways they cannot currently conceive.