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M2M Service Layer - Commnexus 2013
Video / Jan 2013 / M2M

Nick Podias: Hello. Here, we're showcasing our M2M service layer platform, which is standard-based and provides a common solution across different machine-to-machine applications for the entire industry. This basically moves the industry in a direction of common devices, common applications; whereas today all the typical applications - typical M2M solutions are proprietary and not interoperable with each other. So, we have a demonstration here of our service layer doing an environmental control application of shopping mall conditions and we're monitoring temperature, humidity, light conditions and then we can take action to activate air conditioning and other systems within the mall.

And in addition to the environmental control aspect of the demo we are showcasing that we can integrate this service layer with device management of these end devices, which are these low-power temperature sensors which would be deployed. And then we can update the software on those devices and then also configure them and change their behavior based on the need. So, we've integrated the standard-based service layer with the OMA-DM protocol to do device management.