Beyond 5G: What is coming next?

Beyond 5G: What is coming next?

Beyond 5G: What is coming next?

The first set of complete technical specifications and solutions towards well-publicized 5G vision, aka IMT-2020 proposal, is due to be presented to ITU in WRC, October 2019. The recent shift of focus from research and development to deployment and commercialization of 5G systems concurrently unveils the “what comes next?” question embodied in an overarching beyond-5G vision (e.g. 6G). This panel will address fundamental questions pertinent to beyond-5G era such as shortcomings 5G and whether a unified industry consensus on a beyond-5G vision has started to shape or not. Bringing together experts from core elements of technology generations, the panel will further explore the emerging pillars of beyond-5G including networks, terminal architectures, and radio, along with necessary evolution and disruption anticipated in each of these pillars. The panelists will shed light on beyond-5G inter-networking candidates, e.g. the ultra-flat network vision that radically alters conventional (including 5G) OSI stack; potential link-level connectivity disruptors in terms of new frequency bands, PHY, and beyond-Shannon ideas, and; new device/terminal definitions that go well-beyond conventional, monolithic hardware/software device architectures, and role of AI/ML as a cross-cutting tool in beyond-5G.  


  • Patrick Waldemar, Vice President Research, Telenor
  • Colin Willcock, Head of Radio Network Standardization, Nokia and Chairman, 5G-PPP 5G-IA
  • Richard Li, Chief Scientist and VP for Future Networks, Huawei and Chairman of ITU-T NET2030 Focus Group
  • Abhimanyu Gosain, Technical Program Director Northeastern University and Technical Program Director of US PAWR
  • Ravikumar Pragada, Sr. Principal Engineer, InterDigital

Moderated by Alan Carlton, VP, InterDigital Europe  

Remember to come back on February 27th at 3:30 PM CET to view the live webinar. 

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