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How far can Edge Computing take us to a new network architecture?

The edge computing and virtualization fever does not seem to be showing any signs of abatement. There seems to be quite some promise to take it further deep into the network architecture by leveraging the computing capability emerging in several new customer premise equipment (CPE) and user equipment (UE) such as vehicles, robots, and drones. Yet the challenges both technical and economical in taking this step deeper into UEs and CPEs are numerous, from technical considerations of mobility, volatility and heterogeneity to business and regulatory considerations of multiple providers (including the user), security and privacy. This panel will discuss how edge computing is becoming more pervasively distributed into the network including UEs and CPEs, what technologies are involved, what is wrong with today’s approach to edge computing, what value is there in driving this down to devices and what are the barriers to making this happen.  

  • Dr. Rolf Schuster, Director, Open Edge Computing Initiative
  • Laurent Depersin,  Director Research and Innovation HOME Lab, Technicolor
  • Arturo Azcorra , Director of IMDEA and VP and Co-Founder, 5TONIC
  • Todd Spraggins , Strategy Director, Communications Global Business Unit, Oracle
  • Dirk Trossen, Sr. Principal Engineer, InterDigital (FLAME)
Moderated by  Robert Gazda, Sr. Director, Engineering, InterDigital


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